Membership Agreement

Get Computer Smart is an auto-renew monthly or annual membership program, with no minimum membership term.  Upon registration for the Get Computer Smart membership site, you shall pay the first month's or first year's fees, depending on the payment option you chose.  Should you, for any reason, discontinue your membership, you will not be entitled to a refund for any unused portion, nor will any of your membership fee be applied towards or credited to any other Get Computer Smart product or service.

A $35.00 administration fee will be charged to your credit card for each occurrence of: a) denied credit card authorizations and b) late payments.  Our three strikes rule: Upon three occurrences of missed payments (strikes), your membership will be cancelled.

You are responsible for making all monthly or annual payments, deposits, applicable taxes, and possible $35.00 administration fees for NSF's for your membership.

Should your account fall into arrears, for whatever reason, you understand that your membership will be cancelled.  For inquiries, please contact us at

Membership fees are subject to change with 30-day written or email notice.

You agree to release Scott Hartley, 29:11 Ventures, LLC, all its agents, staff and employees, from any personal, physical or financial liability incurred at, or as a result of, your membership in this program.  Get Computer Smart reserves the right to change, modify or cancel the program as necessary.


You may cancel your recurring membership in the Get Computer Smart program upon written or email notice to our company.  You may send cancellation requests via email at or by regular mail to 29:11 Ventures, LLC, 318 W. Glendale St., Princeton, IN 47670.  Please allow up to 5 business days from the date we receive your request for cancellation to be processed.  No refunds will be issued for previously billed charges for any reason, including charges incurred during the cancellation processing period.  Once your account is cancelled, you will continue to have access to the membership site through the end date of your paid subscription.